Arisbe today (view from the South)

Arisbe today (view from the Southeast)

On 10 September 1998 the National Park Service held an open house to celebrate the completion of a four-year renovation of Arisbe. Although not a restoration, the Park Service attempted to maintain the character of Peirce's long-time home. Arisbe is now the home of the Research and Resource Planning Division of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. It is a tribute to Peirce that his home is the site of scientific work. Although no part of Peirce's home was reserved for a museum or memorial, visitors will be welcomed. Perhaps in the future the conference room, which occupies the place of Peirce's study, can be restored and used for Peirce Society gatherings.

Arisbe prior to renovation (view from
the South)

Arisbe in the 1890's (view from the Southeast)

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