Essential Peirce 2 | Textual Apparatus

The following emendation lists record all changes in substantives and the significant changes in accidentals (spelling and punctuation) introduced into the copy-texts of selections 1-33.

For each entry, the reading of the present edition appears to the left of the bracket; the authority for that reading (followed by a semicolon), the original copy-text reading, and variant readings of texts subsequent to the copy-text appear to the right of the bracket.

Within each entry, the curved dash or tilde (~) represents the same word that appears before the bracket and is used when such unemended words are used to anchor variants in punctuation. Missing punctuation is indicated by use of a caret (^). The abbreviation "E" designates emendations made on the authority of the present edition. An asterisk (*) to the left of the page/line numbers indicates that the reading is discussed in a textual note. The textual notes precede the emendations lists for each selection; they are designed to identify various textual problems and to describe how these problems were resolved.

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