W6 Erratum

Reasoning Completed

Selection 37 in W6: 354–56, titled [Reasoning], ends with three ellipsis points within italic brackets because the editors were unable to find the sheet(s) that continued its last leaf. We have recently identified that continuation, whose brevity made it hardly noticeable among the many fragments. It is found in R 579: 12, and consists of the following five words: "so, it is bad reasoning." Readers of W6 are invited to enter this correction in their copy on p. 356, and to correct the corresponding entry in the Chronological Catalog in W6: 527 (c. 1889.1), whose first part needs to read: "Holograph, 8 sheets, Houghton, Peirce Papers, R 830: 2, R 278: 240, 243, 269, 268, 267, 266 (= R 1573: 250), R 579: 12; . . ."